Thursday 27 January 2011

Bangladesh: Farewell Dhaka

Trishaw DhakaWith business completed for the week, I had a couple of hours to kill at dusk before the drive to the airport. I blagged the free use of a room in the hotel to freshen up and remove some of the grime of the last few days. I briefly wandered the streets around the lake beside the hotel which caused one minor rickshaw accident as a driver turned into the path of an oncoming vehicle in anticipation of a fare. Small boys tugged at my trousers and one bravely tried to touch the lens of my camera. Nobody touches my camera lens. Not even me.

Back at the hotel there was time for a quick coffee before the drive to Shahjalal International. A couple hours of airport chaos and a four hour flight later, we were back in the cool, fresh, uncrowded (ok it was 04.30am), clean and efficient environment of one of the best airports of the world.


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