Sunday 16 January 2011

Singapore: MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Tree Top Walk - MacRitchie ParkWe approached the car park in Venus Drive with slight suspicion as there seemed to be no charges for parking and it was almost devoid of cars. Another couple getting changed after their walk confirmed that this was indeed correct and then quizzed Mrs M on her lack of sensible shoes. My raised ‘told you so’ eyebrow was ignored as we entered MacRitchie Park for the walk to the suspension bridge at the beginning of the Tree Top Walk.

Naughty monkeys played precariously on the cables of the bridge before jumping into the trees which swung wildly under their weight. Monkeys chattered, frogs croaked, birds twittered and children cackled as we crossed the bridge and continued along the slippery board walk, moistened from a few earlier drops of rain.

After completing the Tree Top Walk, Mrs M took a rest as I climbed up the Jelatong Tower to get the slightly disappointing panoramic view across the park. A cup of tea later, we finished the loop back to the ranger station and returned to the car on the Venus Loop past copulating monkeys, scampering lizards and clusters of dancing butterflies.

Highly recommended.

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