Monday 3 January 2011

Singapore: Universal Studios

Anything made of plastic and described as ‘thrilling and magical’ generally fills me with dread, but our Flossie had made a special request to go to Universal Studios. In hindsight, she probably would have preferred to have had her nails done.

The main Battlestar Galactica ride was closed (still plagued with problems). Two other attractions were shut or delayed 'due to technical issues'. The storm which settled over the island for most of the day closed most of the other attractions. The queues for anything undercover were farcical. Spielberg’s ‘incredible special effects’ show ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ was anything but. The 4D Shrek movie offered light relief. We sought shelter in Mel’s Drive-In, based on one of my favourite films ‘American Graffiti’ which contained almost nothing meaningful in the way of memorabilia or film footage of the original movie to make it relevant to the modern audience.

Flossie was so miffed, she demanded her money back. Numerous excuses later, we were in possession of four return tickets. Scant reward, but something nonetheless.

The best part of the day was the sheer joy on the face of a twenty-nine year old when he met one of his heros Po from Kung Fu Panda and Mrs M purchased a 'joined at the hippo' fridge magnet. Other than that, it was a day to forget.

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