Monday 21 March 2011

China: The Red Capital

A long day of confinement in the hotel room forced the need to eCommunist era limousine - Red Capital Restaurant, Beijingescape. After an hour’s walk, I recognised the dusty Communist era limousine in the dimly lit hutong outside the Red Capital restaurant. I arrived before opening time, so the staff provided a glass of beer while I waited in the lounge surrounded by Cultural Revolution memorabilia and worn leather chairs Communist kitchthat have graced many Politburo bottoms. Having visited all three Red Capital locations a few years ago (hotel, restaurant and hunting lodge), I was disappointed to hear from the waiter while consuming roasted Mongolian beef, that custom was in decline due to the global recession.

After a long chat, he enquired if the west considered Marx as a philosopher or economist. I could only think of Karl’s poor performance in the Python ‘Communist Quiz’ sketch when he lost the beautiful lounge suite. Turns out the waiter was calling my bluff as he had not read any Marx either.

Still one of my favourite restaurants in the world.

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