Friday 29 April 2011

Singapore: Jurong Bird Park

Sleeping pelican - Jurong Bird ParkI don't mean to be an old sourpuss, but pink polystyrene bunnies and Ben & Jerry cows before the main entrance of Jurong Bird Park suggested this wasn’t going to be quite what we were expecting. The first exhibit, a pit of sad-looking penguins, did nothing to change that opinion. We swerved round clusters of tourists wearing colours even more vibrant than the beta-carotene enhanced flamingos past motionless shoebills towards the pelicans who were mostly taking it easy in the morning drizzle.

The African Waterfall Aviary provided more natural surroundings, although most of the Superb Starlings seemed to prefer walking rather than flying. By this time Mrs M was melting and called a timeout. Ignoring the cajolements of the staff to eat we made the decision to depart instead.

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