Wednesday 13 April 2011

Malaysia: Pulau Rawa

Before catching the boat to Rawa, Mrs M had a bit of flap in the jetty area making arrangements for other trips later in the week. It’s generally wise to let her get it out of her system.

The lady in front of me smiled nervously to her husband during the thirty minute journey as the boat turned into an aircraft on a couple of occasions. A small German boy didn’t look all that happy either, but his younger sister with blond sweaty hair, snoozed throughout most of the trip.
Rawa Safari Resort, Pulau Rawa
Our hut in the Rawa Safari resort sat just a few metres from the soft white sandy beach adjacent to nervous-smile lady and her husband whose skimpy Speedos were only about a centimetre wide on the hip. Background music, including the ‘Carpenters Greatest Hits’ during lunch did not bode well.

An afternoon snork preceded a walk on the ‘Jungle Trek’, which heads up into the hill behind the resort. After promisingly snaking its way along a boardwalk over the sea the path turns into the hill through a series of worker camps to a disused tennis court(?) and then back down to another construction area. An encounter with two white peacocks was the highlight of the walk.

Dinner was uninspiring (we later suspected it was chef’s day off). Skimpy Speedo man and nervous smile lady wanted the waiter to warm their bottle of red wine. It must have been better than Mrs M’s glass of house white.


Laura said...

sounds hilarious. where is skimpy speedo man from? malaysia itself?

Mr. Steve said...

No, no, no.....skimpy Speedo Man was British, but it's definitely a European fashion for the more mature gentleman.