Monday 2 January 2012

Singapore: New Year's Day at the Marina Bay

Fullerton Hotel New Year's Day 2012The New Year celebrations at the Marina Bay Sands New Year's Day 2012Marina Bay continued into Sunday evening, but without the crowds. The glow from the lights and lasers illuminated the clouds for the small number of serious photographers (i.e. not those trying to capture images in the dark on their iPad) waiting for the wind to drop to take what would have been a stunning photo except for the silly ‘wishing spheres’ which littered the surface of the water.
The band on the stage near the Esplanade Mall took a break to allow the classical music and light show from the Marina Bay Sands to fill the bay. The smell of food from the Makansutra Gluttons Bay wafted through the trees as I wandered towards the Singapore Flyer. It was eerily quiet. I wanted a shot of the wheel to sit beside a photo of the London Eye taken last week, but the Flyer somehow seemed less spectacular, so the quest was abandoned in favour of a few more buildings reflected in water photos.

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