Monday 11 June 2012

UK: Jamie's Italian

Meatballs - Jamie's Italian, Kingston
The last time I was in Jamie’s Italian in Kingston was two years ago with a couple of chums that thankfully suffered similar nasty post-pub crawl hangovers on the following morning. Apart from some rather strange photos on my phone, my main recollection was the huge number of customers.

Things were a little more sedate on this occasion with just a small number of elderly ladies, some tourists and a few lunchtime shoppers. The slightly stained waitress rattled off the list of specials from which the meatballs caused a small squeal of delight. Half a bottle of Messina beer later, Mrs M was wrestling with an extraordinarily large Turkey Milanese, while I carefully extracted the slab of toasted ciabatta that was going soggy in the tomato sauce. Once the meatballs had been located in the sea of sauce, the hearty meal and the remnants of Mrs M’s turkey were consumed with much rubbing of bellies.

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