Friday 15 June 2012

UK: Wedding preparations in the countryside

Emley farmhouse
We found the farmhouse we had rented for the wedding weekend with the cunning use of ancient Ordnance Survey maps, Google Earth and GPS technology which proved more reliable than John’s 1998 road atlas. The Grade II Tudor house had been carefully restored at enormous expense so that the huge black beams, wattle and daub wall panels, oak floor boards, inglenook fireplaces, irregularly-shaped doors and pieces of antique furniture sat comfortably with modern fixtures and fittings. The kitchen was superbly fitted with matt soft-green cupboards, a space-age cooker and an Aga that was perfect for warming pants or croissants (but not at the same time).

At the rehearsal in the afternoon, Norman the vicar, who had known Nicki since childhood, guided the chief protagonists through the ceremony with an air of confidence, forgetfulness and wit. We later dined at a local Italian with noticeably restrained consumption of alcohol. Probably wise.


Anonymous said...

Im so terribly sad the name of your lovely location was not included. And I am sorry also for you that you didn't get tipsy at your own wedding! *hugs* Here's hoping your anniversary goes better! And congratulations!

Mr. Steve said...

Thank you anonymous. It was our son's wedding, so we had to pretend to be grown-ups and maintain an air of respectability....sort of. Mrs M and I have just celebrated our 33rd anniversary. We've had so many we normally celebrate with a nice cup of tea.