Friday 13 July 2012

South Korea: Seoul Museum of Art

Kim Young Ik - Seoul Museum of Art
With an hour to spare before departure for the airport, I paid a quick visit to the Seoul Museum of (Modern) Art (SeMA) in the former Supreme Court building near the Deoksugung Palace. 

Shin Hak-Churl - Seoul Museum of ArtOne of the first exhibits featured a couple of two-metre tall black rectangles on a white wall which drew a wry smile owing to a recent conversation with our Flossie about the definition of art. Another artist had obviously spent several minutes creating a piece using two pieces of material fixed to the wall by six nails.

Choi Min-Hwa - Seoul Museum of ArtFurther round, a more thought provoking and somewhat disturbing painting by Choi Min-Hwa reflected past conflicts while a set of monochrome painting by Shin Hak-Churl provided futuristic depictions of hybrid monsters with weapons. I was particularly drawn to a painting of a watermill which appeared to belong to the early 1970’s colour-by-numbers genre. 

Hardly a thorough review of the museum, but nothing else leapt out during my swift tour. At least my shirt was now dry.

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