Friday 31 August 2012

Singapore: Kartright Speedway

Kartright Speedway
After the early morning storms had passed, we headed to Kartright Speedway on Upper Jurong Road for the second of Mrs M’s birthday treats.

We donned hair nets and wobbly helmets before climbing aboard the karts and heading out into the empty circuit. I stalled after a few turns through insufficient throttle allowing Mrs M to whizz past with cheeks wider than her kart. Our Flossie has been likened to Peppermint Patty when she is behind the wheel – I see where it comes from.  The slick tyres were not happy in a few of the remaining puddles on a couple of the bends, but Mrs M was unperturbed – no style, no technique, just a desire to be in front.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha...... LOVE it!!!!! go ma ma!!!! I love my family!!! xxxxxx