Friday 10 August 2012

Singapore: Pollen at Gardens by the Bay

Pollen Singapore buttered lobster and squid risottoHaving dined at the Pollen Street Social in London in June and more recently at Esquina in Singapore, we thought it necessary to complete a hat-trick of Jason Atherton restaurants by visiting Pollen which opened a few weeks ago in the Flower Dome in the Gardens by the Bay.

Pollen Singapore Iberico porkThe style and atmosphere are very similar to the London sibling. The bar is located on the upper level in Pollen whereas the bar in London branch is located in the main entrance encouraging diners to have a drink or two before being seated. The tables in Pollen are located next to the glass wall of the Flower Dome providing views of the harbour area and the occasional sweaty runner plodding past. The menu is very familiar. Mrs M commenced with a salad of buttered lobster, pasta and seaweed while I savoured an unbelievably delicate squid risotto with equally well-crafted bread.

For the main course, Mrs M’s 300-day tenderloin and oxtail arrived on a bed of smoky charred eggplant purée accompanied by smoked potatoes. My dish featured a piece of precision engineered pork belly and Iberico pork chop with fermented apple and asparagus. The glass of hearty Portuguese red complemented the range of flavours and textures.

Pollen Singapore chocolate roast cocoa ice cream lavender parfaitMrs M wasted no time requesting a seat at the dessert bar where the executive pastry chef, Andres constructed the PB&J speciality which includes cherry yuzu sorbet and delicately scented verbena flowers. Meanwhile, his assistant needed a few of attempts at balancing a fragile sheet of hazelnut crocante on top of coffee and cognac, honey and truffle ice cream. Mrs M’s lower lip quivered with excitement as I suggested we shared one more dessert. Andres arranged lavender parfait and cocoa ice cream on top of crushed chocolate biscuit over cherries which was finished with a sheet of crisp polished chocolate. The arrangement was completed with a few swirls of chocolate sauce from the fine nozzle of a piping bag.

Pollen PB&JAt the end of the meal, we were presented with a couple of chocolate covered ice creams on lolly sticks which finished a delightful evening. Before departure, we took the lift to the bar on the upper level which opens out into the Flower Dome. We wandered around the darkened gardens for a few minutes before the dome closed at 9.00pm.

After taking the buggy back to the car park, we strolled through the gardens which were packed with families still enjoying the relatively cool evening temperatures. 
Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove
Although Pollen is open for lunch, it will be serving afternoon tea in the near future. Mrs M will be there.


Anonymous said...

Ok I want both those puddings!!! yumbles xxxx

Anonymous said...

Been to pollen, foods good, well executed,
Not too sure about the desserts, elBulli style, fat duck
And 2am dessert bar style, all the same type of desserts,Boring!
Too many flavours on a plate that I could never remember,
Where's the originality here. Desserts, where pollen lacks in flavour and taste they try to make up on looks instead, all the restaurants are now trying to Repeat elBulli style desserts which I loved , before they closed.
Too much hype on desserts very disappointing.
Love the food and will come back with my friends, but finish off Only with Fine wine.

Anonymous said...

I remember those place's, wow! your story was amazing...segway was cool in sentosa,also the luge but bit scary,, you should try guy's too...your story is interesting...