Thursday 1 November 2012

Brunei: Where are all the passengers?

Brunei International Airport departure lounge
The Department of Civil Aviation has recently commenced a 36-month project to modernise the passenger terminal at Brunei Darussalam airport. As I arrived in the departure lounge it was clear that the project is based upon an anticipated need. The hall was completely empty except for a handful of very bored staff that were either chatting, playing on mobile phones or attending to a skin or nasal irritation. I purchased a cup of coffee which cost as much as some of my evening meals……and took as long to prepare.

Just before the flight was called, a large number of passengers arrived at the gate to fill the plane to near capacity. Two hours and a rather dismal in-flight meal later, the aircraft plopped onto the runway at Changi.

The cats were pleased to see me when I arrived home, which is more than I can say for Mrs M who was at a carpet exhibition ‘because there were free cocktails’.

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