Wednesday 5 December 2012

Singapore: Pulau Ubin

Bike shops - Pulau UbinWild boar - Pulau Ubin
Wearing adventure slacks and smelling like chemists, we chugged across the water towards Pulau Ubin which is one of the few bits of rural land left in Singapore. After selecting our slightly rusty and squeaky bikes, we peddled towards Chek Jawa at the eastern end of the island.

A welcoming breeze blew across the coastal boardwalk as we plodded slowly towards the visitor centre which was built in a Tudor style by a former Chief Surveyor in the 1930s. Perhaps he had not been in the country very long as the large open fireplace seems a little unnecessary. We continued on the boardwalk through the wetlands before reaching the Jejawi tower which offers splendid views above the tree line.

Sweet & sour pork - Season Live Seafood, Pulau Ubin
Hornbills - Changi ferry terminalBack on the bikes, we squeaked along the trail to the main village for lunch at Season Live Seafood where grumpy staff serve decent basic Chinese food at their own pace. Two large bottles of Tiger disappeared rather rapidly before a substantial quantity of food was consumed with much enthusiasm.

One final squeak was made after lunch to a nearby lake before we returned the bikes and strolled to the jetty for the journey back to Changi. Mr Neil’s day was made complete by the sight of a couple of hornbills in the trees on the other side of the river.

A jolly good day out.

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