Saturday 16 February 2013

Singapore: Loewen Gardens farmers' market

The term 'farmers' market' suggests a gathering of rosy-cheeked, slightly muddy, weather-hardened people dressed in well-worn clothing and boots selling knobbly fruit and vegetables from wooden boxes at discounted prices. This would probably be a bit too rough for your average Singaporean. The stallholders in the ‘farmers’ market’ in Loewen Gardens sell fancy cakes and baklava, unusually flavoured honey, exotic rice, speciality beers, wine, truffle spread, tandoori rub, cooked pasta and lumps of rock salt. There was a selection of vegetables from the Himalayas that were not in plastic boxes or glass jars from which Mrs M selected a bunch of kale because she thinks that eating this kind of food makes her healthy. My reason for visiting the area was to collect two large steak pies from the Pantry. Now that’s proper food. If you haven’t tried their pies, they are possibly the best in Singapore.

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