Friday 8 March 2013

Malaysia: Mrs M's travelling apothecary

Hidden beach - Pulau Besar
I don't usually make reference to bodily functions, but it will provide important context for today's adventure. Suffice to say that under normal circumstances, my morning lavatorial habits are extremely predictable and never require artificial stimulus. With no output over the last couple of days however, I requested something from Mrs M's travelling apothecary and thought nothing more of it.

After a short rain shower had passed, I set off to find the jungle trail which George described yesterday. At the end of the concrete path that runs behind the beach (amusingly known as the 'Pulau highway') I entered the jungle trail which lead to one isolated beach and then another. Continuing on, I realised that Mrs M's medication was having the desired effect. Despite stoically trying to ignore the signs, it became clear that action needed to be taken. After several years of squatting on Oman's deserts and beaches it all seemed very normal, but even I was surprised when I casually walked down to the sea without shorts to bathe in the sea afterwards. The sense of isolation was quite liberating.

Fully dressed, I continued along the trail which eventually reached an abandoned resort. I followed a line of dog paw prints which ran along the top of the beach but could not see where the trail re-entered the jungle. I found a small clearing which lead uphill to an area of dense bracken. Although I knew the sea would be visible over the ridge, there was no way through. Thwarted, I returned to base along the beach with a big happy smile. Climbing, jumping, getting wet and accumulating layers of mud and sand are not just for dogs.

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Anonymous said...

eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... that's gross, although mother does have a marvelous apothecary! x