Wednesday 6 March 2013

Malaysia: To Pulau Besar

Sunset - Pulau Besar
My concerns about whether John would be able to get into the boat at Mersing jetty were unfounded. The crew helped him over two parallel-parked boats before he scrambled down into our boat destined for Pulau Besar.

The lingering monsoon created thick creamy blobs on the cocoa-coloured sea. The boat crashed down from the top of each wave with a back-juddering jolt causing much amusement for the crew and a few furrowed brows from some of the passengers. I'm sure the propeller was airborne on a few occasions. I remember Ann saying she didn't like boats when referring to a gentle harbour cruise earlier in the week. The sheer look of terror on her face suggested this experience would not change that opinion regarding this particular mode of transport. The sea calmed a little as we approached the island, allowing John to disembark with much manhandling from the crew who had been fantastic.

It wasn't long before we were sitting around a table in the Aseania Resort with plates of traditional Malaysian fish and chips reflecting on the day's adventures.

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