Tuesday 12 March 2013

Singapore: Four Beef Rendangs please

Blue Ginger - Tanjong Pagar RoadHaving consumed a rather splendid beef rendang on Pulau Besar last week, we took Ann & John to the restaurant which serves the finest rendang we have encountered in Singapore at The Blue Ginger on Tanjong Pagar Road.

After ordering three rendangs, I felt obliged to request something different. The family made happy noises with their meaty stews (Rendang Daging) which were accompanied by vegetables and pathetically small amounts of rice thanks to the influence of Mrs M's low-to-zero carbohydrate lifestyle. In strict defiance of home rules, I encouraged the waiter to heap scoops of rice onto my plate which soaked up some of the delicious pineapple gravy from my tiger prawns (Udang Kuah Pedas Nanas). Superb.

Blue Ginger was unanimously voted best restaurant of the holiday.

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