Wednesday 3 April 2013

Malaysia: Petronas Towers fountain and light show

Kuala Lumpur City Centre fountain and light show
Some of the 25 prohibited activities in Kuala Lumpur City Centre park include ‘playing kites’, ‘bathing in the toilet’, ‘discharging any liquid waste or sewage into the lakes…’, ‘wearing hard-soled shoes on the jogging tracks’, ‘throwing sticks’ and ‘walking on bricks placed among the flowers….’. 

While sweat-soaked tourists wandered on designated paths to take photos of the shiny towers, large crowds started to gather on the steps at the base of the towers to watch the fountain and light show. Their entertainment did not last long as heavy rain forced the audience to run for cover. I sheltered outside Harrods restaurant with a glass of something cold until the rain had faded sufficiently to allow a walk to the hotel without looking like one of the drowned rats that scuttle into the drains in front of the Wisma Central food court.

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