Thursday 4 July 2013

Singapore: The quest for Mr Mraz's avocado tree

Marina Bay Sands (photo by The Other Ms)
The height of the Sands Sky Park made Stewart’s dangly parts twitchy. After heading down to earth, he led the family up the stairs in the hotel to the Lions bridge that leads to the Gardens on the Bay. 

They took the obligatory photos of the penis-shaped cacti in the Flower Dome before spending a considerable amount of time searching for an avocado tree planted by Jason Mraz - like you do. Three members of staff were unable to locate said shrub, but a forth called a younger member of staff who’d actually heard of the gentleman, informing them that it was under one of the supertrees. Apparently this was the highlight of Jamie's holiday. He is a very odd child. When asked where they ate, the best they could say was ‘somewhere oriental’.

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