Thursday 2 January 2014

France: Back to London with duff tickets

The local restaurants were closed in the morning which meant that we had to pay the hotel 30€ for a few bits of bread, chocolate and coffee. This is the only negative aspect of the Hôtel Parc St Séverin that was otherwise excellent.

The journey back to London was as smooth as the arrival until we reached St Pancras Underground station where our return tickets that were purchased in Heathrow did not work in the machines as they were incorrectly dated. Explanations to the guards in subsequent stations were accepted as if it was not unusual. With the Heathrow Connector service unavailable, we were able to take the Heathrow Express that glided us back to the airport in fifteen minutes. Although the wait for the Thrifty shuttle took longer than a Parisian museum queue, we were soon back in Teddington partaking of a commemorative French meal of lamb and flageolet beans.

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