Thursday 19 February 2015

Singapore: Chinese New Year sketching

Club Street sketch

At the start of a four-day weekend, I wandered through Chinatown looking for somewhere to sketch out of the drizzle. After last night's New Year celebrations, the area was not pretty. People were asleep on scraps of cardboard; tables in the hawker centres overflowed with beer bottles and remnants of food; the sinks in the toilets at the end of Smith Street were full of vomit - it looked like a scene from the Meaning of Life.

Having fruitlessly searched for waterproof ink over the last couple of weeks, I found I already had waterproof calligraphy ink at home which worked really well in the Hero pen, even over a blob of pickle which dropped from my sandwich.

Back home, I took the precaution of scanning the sketch before attempting to use my new paints. The result was appalling, so I added the colour digitally. I have a lot to learn. At least I won't get told off for making this one too gaudy.

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