Wednesday 15 April 2015

Mongolia: Sun then snow

Khorkhog - Khorum Hotel, Hotel Kempinski, UlaanbaatarI had been warned that snow was expected, but when I opened the curtains at 6.30am, I could not see the other side of the road due to a snow storm; the temperature had dropped to -4C with a wind chill of -12C. Shirt sleeves yesterday, ski gear today; all typical for a Mongolian spring apparently.

At the end of the day there was almost no sign of the snow which had been blown into small piles by strong winds that blew parallel to Peace Avenue. I was still getting used to the long days as the sun did not set until just before 9pm, almost two later than Singapore.  

I had requested another Mongolian speciality for the evening. Khokhog is a meat and vegetable dish cooked over hot stones, which according to one of the staff is often eaten by families in gers after a long day on the steppe. My plate included a stone at the bottom of the pile of meat which was surrounded by root vegetables and a layer of pastry which covers the cooking pot. Another substantial treat.

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