Sunday 3 May 2015

Singapore: Sketching in Holland Village

Holland Village sketchSketching is becoming a daily compulsion. I feel as if I've wasted a day if I haven't scribbled something. I am filling up the house with new pens, paper, inks, paints and brushes. At least it's a cheap hobby.

Holland Village sketchYesterday I bought a sketch book with 200gsm watercolour paper and a few Uniball Eye pens. I tried out the pens on a quick sketch in Holland Village. They work quite well on ordinary notebook paper, except for the occasional blob. They are not very consistent for drawing dots. 

I returned to the same location today to test the pens on the watercolour paper. They glide well on the rough surface and are waterproof when dry (but not when a drop of rain plops on wet ink). The wet paint did not turn the page into corrugated mush. Today's lesson however, was not to use ink on top of dry paint as it triples the size of the linework. So much to learn...........


Christina said...

Hi Mr. Steve!
I love your illustrations. Do you have an eMail address I could contact you at?

Mr. Steve said...

Hi Christina,
Certainly do....steve dot maison at gmail dot com