Friday 17 July 2015

Singapore: Tanjong Pagar railway station opens

Tanjong Pagar railway station sketch

I discovered yesterday that Tanjong Pagar railway station is open on public holidays, so I decided to visit one last time before leaving Singapore. There were only few people in front of the building when I arrived at 9.00am who were busily fluffing their hair, making v-signs or adjusting super cool cycling sunglasses for selfies with the station backdrop. An hour later, more people were taking snaps of stuffed toys or directing arty shots of ballerinas on the tracks. It is the modern way. 

Rather than sit in the baking sun, I sat in the car to sketch the magnificent façade from the back of the car park. I had to get out to fill in the bits covered by parked cars, but it was altogether much less sweaty than usual.


rock said...

Hi, my name is Vincent and I am currently working on a project with an agency on Tanjong Pagar railway station and colonial bungalow. We are looking to incorporate photos of these 2 structures into gifts like cardholder and laptop sleeve.
I like the sketches you have done very much, as such I will like to ask if I can use the soft copy of your sketches for this project.

If you have any suggestion or requests, do let me know and we can discuss further.


Mr. Steve said...


I am happy for you to use the sketch. I can email a high resolution scan (300 dpi) if you provide an address. All use should include attribution to me - I'll provide details in the email.

Although I have now moved back to the UK, I have a large number of photographs from the day that the sketch was drawn. Let me know if you need any other sketches of the station which I can do from photos. There are numerous other sketches of Singapore on the tabs at the top of the blog which many also be relevant to your project.


rock said...

Hi Steve, Thank you for sharing. You can send the details to
Thanks again