Tuesday 25 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Ranthanbhore

Tea was served at 5.30am before the hunt. Very civilised. After beating off hat and tee-shirt sellers at the main entrance to Ranthanbhore Game Park, we commenced our search. At 6.15 it was wonderfully cool as we were bounced around like beans on a drum in the jeep. We found tracks and the remains of a kill, but alas, no pussy cats. I was looking so hard my eyes ached. Other sightings included deer, antelope, jackals, peacocks and hundreds of monkeys, including one copulating couple. I may have misunderstood the gesture, but I am sure the male waved at me as we passed. We returned hot and dusty for breakfast before the afternoon hunt.

With the promise of a successful hunt in the afternoon, we set off once more in search of the elusive stripey puss. Rumour circulated that a tiger had been seen in a particular location, so all the jeeps and mulit-seaters congregated and we stared into the wilderness……fruitlessly. I have seen more tigers in England than in this park. The highlight for me was the request from a truck-load of Indian schoolgirls to have their photo taken with me. They have such good taste. We thundered back to base, rally style to shower away the dust and numb bum cheeks.

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Whickers on Wheels said...

Hi Steve & Sarah
So glad that you are providing entertainment value for the Indian population! We were desolate that you have been unable to view a stripey fur cat yet but we hope by now he/she has put in an appearance and thrilled you both. There is nothing like seeing big cats in their natural habitat-it is such a wonder. The hotels sound a bit grotty,still I guess it's all part of the experience.
love Mand & Simes xx