Sunday 5 November 2006

Oman: Jabal Shams to Ras Al Hadd

I showered with the hotel soap described as ‘a soft and mild whitening soap enriched with papaya extract to smoothen your skin and whiten it at the same time achieving a younger looking skin all the time. Safe to be used everyday with added skin protectors to safeguard against germs and infections.’ I wondered what the Chinese manufacturers meant by ‘safe to use’?

Nonetheless, we breakfasted with a herd of goats and began the long journey to Ras Al Hadd, after a brief stop to admire the view over Wadi Nakhr Gorge, better known as Oman's Grand Canyon. We reached Ras Al Hadd at sunset and were soon quaffing Danish beer before tucking into barbecued chicken, kingfish and barracuda. Mrs M and I strolled along the beach lit by a giant light bulb in the dark sky, while Mandy & Simon went with a Zimbabwean family to turtle beach.

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