Thursday 28 December 2006

Oman: Dr Mrs M's diagnosis

As Miles has been suffering over the last few days, we took him to the hospital where they confirmed Mrs's diagnosis of glandular fever (or mono for our American readers). We left Miles at home afterwards to pay a long-overdue visit to our Omani landlord who has just finished building a splendid house. Our hosts provided coffee and delicious home-made sweet and savoury nibbles which everyone really enjoyed.

Unfortunately we could not stay long as Al and Flossie had to get to the airport to fly back to London this afternoon. After an emotional farewell at home with Mark, Kate, Miles and Louisa, we headed to Seeb for the usual departure lounge farewell ritual. Mrs M delayed her tears until we returned home when everything wrong became my fault.

As Mark has not bought a bike for a few weeks, I took him to the BMW garage to window shop. The Moroccan salesman was obviously pleased to have someone to talk to. We then headed to the Harley shop which unfortunately was closed until the after the New Year.

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