Monday 15 January 2007

Oman: the Armed Forces museum

I suppose it was time I visited the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum in Bait Al Falaj as I trip over it every day. As it is only open on Thursday mornings I wangled a private tour during work hours. My plan was to use it as a chance to learn a little more Arabic but our (unwanted) tour guide, despite guidance from Yousef, unfortunately could not down-sample his hurried Arabic and resorted to broken English. A wasted opportunity.

Nonetheless, we whizzed round both floors of the fort which houses the museum containing displays on the military history of Oman and more recent weapons and uniforms. Outside we toured the display of vehicles, aircraft, boats and the occasional unrealistic mannequin dressed in sun-bleached uniforms. Walking back past the cool clear water of the falaj, I signed the visitors' book determined to return in my own time for a better look.

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