Sunday 25 February 2007

Oman: last day of sunshine

Fingers and toes were buffed and polished today while GP sat in his coffee shop sanctuary until a last visit to their second home, the tailor. Reward was lunch at Darcy's where GP fuelled on an all-day breakfast.

After hunting for days on our abysmal satellite service I eventually managed to find the Carling Cup final on Al Jazeera Sport which we settled down to watch with glasses of boys' fizzy pop. Text messages pinged across numerous time zones to rub salt into Al's wounds as apparently he has some sort of affinity with the red team. I have always admired Fabregas' girlie antics but he excelled himself yet again. The right result. Ha ha ha ha ha……

As soon as the final whistle peeped, we clambered into the car for a dash to the airport for G & GP's midnight departure. Formalities over, we waved the familiar wave as they disappeared into immigration.

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