Monday 29 October 2007

Oman: Muscat in a day

On the final day, Mrs M Tours took our visitors to the main sights in Muscat. At the Grand Mosque, the girls were wrapped in head scarves before roaming the impressive marble structure.

Without relaxing,
Mrs M dragged them around Muttrah souq where Lauren and Dave suffered in silence as the others shopped as if handbags were no longer available in Europe. Mother bought toys for our children.

The car engine was still warm as the gang headed to the palace and then the Marina for lunch. Here, obscene amounts of chocolate mousse were consumed, explaining why her passengers went into food comas on the journey home.

Heavy snoozing took place in the late afternoon before take-away was ordered for their last supper. We mellowed around the table to discuss the highlights of the Medwell's brief but hugely enjoyable taste of the Middle East. All agreed that Mrs M had done a splendid job.

One last duty remained - the airport run. Their teeny weenie cases were placed in the car for the 10 minute drive to Seeb airport. Check-in formalities complete, we bid them a safe journey and hoped that the 20C difference in temperature would not cause them too much discomfort on arrival tomorrow morning (hee hee).

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