Wednesday 26 December 2007

Oman: Boxing Day

Ramez soapStill no snow. There was however thick cloud in the morning following last night’s rain which left a coating of fine sand on the patio from the screen above, making the whole area look like a cat litter tray. I took the opportunity to hose the screen and wash everything before the rest of the family emerged around lunchtime (that’s more like it).

Sunbathing at the Shafaq was cut short due to the cold and insufficient water in the pool following a number of stinging belly flops from Al who has come to realise his stomach is closer to the water than when he was a county-level swimming stick insect.

We took a trip to Ramez, the local equivalent of a pound shop or dollar store. The shop is full of unimaginably cheap junk (mostly from China), but we always manage to come away with a full trolley which rarely amounts to more than a few rials. A little tip, stay away from the batteries.

Al discovered a range of soaps which he bought as presents for his work colleagues. These included ‘Big Boy’ soap for men, ‘Tightening’ feminine soap, ‘Bust Firming’ soap (for her presumably), ‘Virginity’ soap and anti-wrinkle ‘Snake’ soap. Directions on the ‘Big Boy’ soap recommend ‘massage softly private part of body from down to up and leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off by water 2 times a day’.

The camping trip planned for the next couple of days has been cancelled due to the rain and heavy cloud which is sitting over the north of Oman. The entertainment secretary has not yet produced an alternative activity.

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