Sunday 17 February 2008

Oman: the desert camp

Witnessing the usual crazy overtaking manoeuvres, we drove to the Wahiba Sands via Bidbid and took the short 7km track from the main road to the Al Areesh desert camp. We made tea while waiting for the owner Salim to emerge from a nap (although he claimed he was in the kitchen) and the team were soon climbing into 4WDs for the boneshaking dune ride.

They reached the top of the dunes to watch the sunset. I could hear Mrs M talking from the camp, even though I was wearing headphones. They watched the sun plop below the distant dunes and drove back in the dim orangey light. Jamie then tried his hand at a bit of sand boarding.

After the ride we sat on the barbeque racks next to the huts for refreshment and nibbles before dinner which we finished with traditional dates and Omani coffee.

We retired ridiculously early.

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