Wednesday 26 March 2008

Oman: no squid ink?

At the Shafaq, Mandy and Simon took one last opportunity to top up their tans before returning to Hampton to be the envy of their pasty neighbours.

The thought of eating British Airways food did not inspire our travellers, so I took the opportunity to rustle up something a bit more interesting. After work I went to Lulu's fish department where my problems began. I wanted squid ink and fish bones for stock. The chap behind the counter spoke no English or Arabic. After a few moments I abandoned the squid ink requirement to concentrate on the fish bones. Surely that was possible. He fetched a colleague. Obviously not much call for fish bones.

However, after the use of several ingenious gesticulations representing fishy bits, a large slab of off-cuts was placed on the scale. 'How much per kilo!?' I enquired as he entered a price equal to that of the salmon. I did a deal and headed home.

In the coolness of the evening we consumed a hearty squid risotto (without the ink).

It was that time again - the inevitable drive to the airport. There was a bit of fuss which required the attention of the same icy BA lady that sorted our problems last week. I think that's all she does. We waved hankies to our guests and realised that we had no immediate plans to return to Muscat International. Hoorah.

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