Sunday 26 March 2006

Oman: Ann & John in Oman - day 4

After leaving the cabins on day 4, we headed for the rim of the valley that is known as Oman's Grand Canyon. The views were spectacular from 3000m just above us to about 1000m below. Let's hope tourism does not spoil this little-known place. 

Sadly we left the site to drive down the mountain, although this was a great relief to Ann (never heard such appalling language from a lady). Back in Nizwa we visited the fort before heading for a planned lunch in a local restaurant which looked like an Omani transport cafe.

However, the Lonely Planet guide was correct - the food was excellent and ridiculously cheap at less than 1 rial each, including fruit cocktails. Stomachs full, we drove back to Muscat with the sound of gently snoozing passengers as entertainment for the driver.

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