Saturday 25 March 2006

Oman: Ann & John in Oman - day 3

Day 3 commenced with a drive to Nizwa about 100km south-west of Muscat. The town is the second biggest tourist destination in Oman at the foot of the Jabal Akhdar mountains. We visited the famous souq, keeping the fort for the return journey. A picnic was then taken in a beautiful garden in Falaj Daris, just outside Nizwa.

After visiting Nizwa we drove up Jabal Shams to find our accommodation for the night. The cabins are located at the top of the mountains and took some finding as they are not signposted anywhere and telephone support was either not possible or incomprehensible. Lonely bedouin rug-makers also provided red herring directions sending us in completely the wrong direction. Nonetheless we found it.

Once Ann had calmed down after the drive we went to our cabins to await dinner, pathetically sharing our last chicken and tomato roll between four like survivors on a desert island. Due to the altitude (2000m/6500ft) the temperature began to plummet forcing early retirement after dinner. Hot water bottles, mountaineering sleeping bags, thick socks and electric fans were therefore utilised. Meanwhile I chewed the cud with hairy-bottom adventurous types round a splendid camp fire.

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