Friday 14 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Delhi to Neemrana

Mrs M phoned a car company recommended in the Lonely Planet guide. Their rate for an air conditioned car and driver for 18 days was about a quarter of the one we were laughably given yesterday. We were collected by the driver and after a bit of paperwork, we were on our way to our next destination. We had to make a few stops to accommodate Mrs M's dodgy tum however. Lovely.

Neemrana Fort Palace is situated about 150km southwest of Delhi. The 15th century fort lay in ruins for many years until restoration in the 1980s. It now has 45 rooms, a pool, spa, hanging gardens, yoga hall and massage facilities. The building is an amazing labyrinth of stairs, corridors and courtyards requiring a ball of string to retrace one's steps (I saw that in a film once).

We did not dine heartily as I could not even say the word 'food' to Mrs M without prompting a dash for the toilet.

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