Saturday 15 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Neemrana to Nawalgarh

Our driver arrived at midday for the two-hour journey to Apani Dhani Eco Lodge in Nawalgarh. An unforgettable drive squeezing through flesh, metal and wood without a scratch on the car. The suspension took a bit of a hammering at one point after the car fell down a 30cm concrete precipice which was literally the end of the road.

We made it to the Eco Lodge which is an environmentally-conscious guest house of mud huts arranged around a central meeting place. Sounds a bit of a tree-hugging hippy type place but it was actually very homely. It is owned and run by the family that created the hotel where the water is solar heated, the food homegrown and everything is recycled. Dinner that evening was served on plates made from leaves which are subsequently fed to the cattle. We munched on vegetarian fare and chatted to two girlie Brits, one of whom came from Twickenham Green! Always happens. We retired at 9.30pm in keeping with the host family's request.

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