Friday 2 March 2007

Oman: Bandar al Khiran

Dodging road sweepers in orange overalls at 100km-an-hour along the Sultan Qaboos highway, we made our way to the marina for a trip to Bandar al Khiran on Russ' boat. The two dogs tugged exuberantly on their leads as we throbbed along the coast at a sedate pace as the port engine was still being run in after refurbishment. We plonked the anchor down and paddled to the little beach to establish base camp.

We settled to a sedate pace with much consumption of nibbly comestibles, jet-skiing, snorkelling, lilo-ing and boat adjustment as the tide receded. I clambered up the rocks to get a better view over the area and managed to turn myself into a crispy pork scratching – silly boy.

With the dog's batteries completely exhausted, we un-struck camp and headed back to the marina where the barrow boys could perhaps have showed a little more commitment. We drove back through bustling Mutrah where the whole world was out enjoying the cool evening air before the humidity descends.

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