Thursday 15 March 2007

Oman: jumble sale memories

While Mrs M stretched and contorted at her aerobics class at the Intercon, I sat on a sun bed reading Arabic with through closed eyelids. After poking me with a sharp stick we whizzed back home for a quick snack before heading to a flea market at the British School.

I could smell the familiar car-boot mustiness of second hand clothing as I approached the stalls, arranged in two rows under shade. This was a uniquely British event. Housemaids from Eastern parts were buying clothing by the armful as Indian workers in blue overalls stared in utter amazement at behaviour only seen in wildlife documentaries. We came away with a mat(?) and a cat basket and no personal injuries.

In the evening we dined at the Marjan restaurant in the Hyatt. A bit strange to be eating in the middle of a swimming pool, but I would gladly sell my own children for some decent Japanese food. Imaginative hotel advertising chappies on their website claim that the blend of Asian food 'forms a true window to this world of mystique'. I have no idea what that means. The set sushi and sashimi menus were good value, especially with unlimited sake thrown in. The fish on the sashimi was a tad thin but overall I think we may go back there again……perhaps with the Darligntons who have discovered the joys Japanese cuisine.

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