Sunday 19 August 2007

Oman: but I had a glass of water yesterday

Certain physical symptoms have suggested that I might not be drinking enough fluids during the day, especially after running. Hence a major scientific analysis has begun to calculate the amount of water lost during a run by measuring pre and post run weights (in birthday suit). Initial results were staggering. Results from day 1 indicated a loss of 4.6kg. Yes…..4.6kg. That equates to a loss of 4.6 litres of water (almost the size of a large can of engine oil)! In total I glugged 5.5 litres during the entire day and barely peed.

Test results this evening showed a loss of 2.5 kg or 2.5 litres of water. Although the heat index (40C) was higher than day 1, there was a significant breeze this evening which cooled loonies in lycra. I am currently downing 2.5 litres of water before bed.

Watch this space for urine colour charts!

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