Saturday 27 October 2007

Oman: the Dive Centre

Mother rallied the troops for a day at the Oman Dive Centre where there was much toasting of bodies. 'We could have found a nicer beach,' said Dave. After club sandwiches and chips (not as good as the Turtle Beach Resort chips) they snorked near Bandar Al Khiran where Dave faffed and fiddled with his equipment before consuming vast quantities of sea water. The girls swam like little mermaids in the choppy sea which was not as clear as usual, but the list of observed creatures was extensive, including butterfly fish, cornet fish, angel fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, a lobster and a couple of humans. Mother reported less coral than before thanks to the recent cyclone.

At the end of the trip, mother donned her bossy boots to get the staff to sort out the paper work as she had to drive home in the failing light. At home, everyone freshened and made plans to return to the Dive Centre tomorrow to kayak.

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