Sunday 28 October 2007

Oman: toys in the water

In garish pink and yellow kayaks the team headed out to sea from the Dive Centre, turning left after leaving the cove. Ms M was somewhat ploddy behind the other two doubles, but soon had everyone under control with more snorkelling. They returned for lunch, served at the Dive Centre's typical lack-of-pace. 

Returning to Muscat in what is becoming routinely heavy traffic, the chaps freshened and snoozed before we departed for Trader Vic's restaurant in the Intercon hotel. We sat outside to consume the Polynesian fare, including fish, prawns, duck and Thai curry. The ladies found room for puds, allowing the waiter to pose for the camera in his crisp white jacket while he flambéed Lauren's bananas and then deftly folded Sophie's crèpes.

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