Thursday 14 February 2008

Oman: Ah...the beach

It was a beautifully crisp morning on Tiwi beach which my fellow campers did not share until at least a couple of hours later. We took breakfast at a leisurely pace before packing the car and taking a dip in the cool sea. 

Mrs M then took the group to Wadi Shab, pushing them to a point of contented weariness. I watched as groups of tourists arrived in the usual convoy of white Toyota Landcruisers driven by local guides charging 30 rials per person from the big hotels. Their crotchety passengers wearing various shades of pink and light blue dismounted from the vehicles, looked around in that touristy way, pointed their cameras and hobbled a few hundred metres up the wadi, only to return 20 minutes later. Lots of money for old rope.
The drive back to Muscat was uneventful except for the sight of a taxi which had performed a spectacularly unsuccessful overtaking manoeuvre, reducing the vehicle to a pile of scrap.

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