Sunday 8 June 2008

Oman: back to Muscat

The GPS advised that it was 1003 km back to Muscat. Stopping briefly at Lulu's for some very sad sandwiches, we drove past the same policeman taking a nap at the police check-point and continued over the mountains to Thumrayt, observing the road works which we had missed in the dark on the way into Salalah.

Route 31 is mind-numbingly dull. There is no scenery. Nothing. Only Mrs M's Elton John and Brain Adams CDs. We stopped for a wee. We stopped for another wee. We ate sad sandwiches and lukewarm tea thanks to my new (ineffective) flask.

Six hours later, we reached Adam and mountains began to appear. Heavy clouds were also apparent and rain slowed progress for an hour or so.

Eight-and-a-half hours later, we reached Muscat. It was actually quite enjoyable. Shall we do it again?


Oman said...

we must have driven at about the same time - did you see the storm near Nizwa

Mr. Steve said...

Only caught the tail end of the storm. Interesting blog....all looks very familiar!

P.KUMAR said...

Hi, Seems you haven't explored the North towards Sohar. The magnetic Point where your car uphill without any throttle or gear.!!. Few Wadi's of course with trickle of water. Unspoilt scenic beach etc.

P.KUMAR said...

Oops!! The car moves uphill is what I meant. Yes without throttle in neutral gear of course!!