Wednesday 23 July 2008

Oman: a nice bit of brain

Dosteen - Al Hail
While shopping in Lulu recently, I noticed that the meat department included all manner of animal components not usually associated with Omani cuisine, such as sheep’s hooves, tongues and brains. As a couple of the chaps in the office claimed that this was normal Omani food (particularly brain sandwiches), I called their bluff and challenged them to find a restaurant serving such delicacies.

At 9pm the Dosteen restaurant in Al Hail was jam-packed with al fresco customers enjoying enormous plates of fluorescent yellow rice and various runny side dishes. The waiter scooped the dirty plates from our table and we ordered brains (mukh) and chicken. Two dishes of sizzling spicy sauce arrived within minutes, accompanied by a tower of freshly-baked naan bread. We enquired as to the origin of the brains – goat apparently. Damn tasty.

Not the sort of place for a wedding anniversary, however.

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