Tuesday 5 August 2008

Oman: something saucy

The twenty-minute walk to the conference centre along Harbor Drive and Seaport Village is a very pleasant way to start the morning. The tramps near the USS Midway were particularly active. One group had set up a small lounge with two camping chairs, a table and a few magazines. Another couple played chess. Sadly, a boy was asleep on the ground next to a large pile of school books, files and papers. The chap with a plastic bag on his head was still there.

I stayed awake for most of the sessions at the conference, with only minor eyelid droop towards the end of the day.

The late afternoon was spent in Horton Plaza looking for emergency pants and toiletries due to the unknown whereabouts of my luggage. I walked back to the hotel via Seaport Village to find the chilli shop I visited years ago. To my surprise I found the place, Hot Licks (www.2hotlicks.com) and purchased Al a couple of items, including a bottle of chilli sauce rated at 750,000 on the scoville scale, made from 6,000,000 scoville pepper extract. Alarmingly, this purchase has shown up as ‘Hot Licks’ on our bank statement. Better keep the receipt in case there are questions later.

After dark in Little Italy, I was excited to find an Argentinian restaurant ‘Puerto La Boca’. Unfortunately, there was very little sign of life – not even a beauty queen hostess. I wandered back down India Street to Cafe Zucchero to consume an average bolognaise and something in an Italian bottle. The mother and daughter couple on a nearby looked remarkably similar thanks to surgery I suspect. A man boomed to his partner about his work as if she was in the next restaurant rather than the other side of the table.

Back at the hotel, there was much rejoicing - my bag had arrived. Fresh pants.

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