Thursday 7 August 2008

USA: sushi and barmaid philosphy

The local morning news included an article on a fatal shooting in the downtown area near the conference centre. At the national level, Fox News concentrated on the 'threat' of cyber theft from American citizens while in Beijing. They presumably missed the story reported by other channels earlier in the week about a gang of criminals in America stealing credit card information by tapping into the wireless networks of department stores. In about half an hour, Fox also managed to squeeze in part of Bush's speech concerning human rights and the problems of pollution in Beijing. ‘Fair and balanced’ as ever. I like the way Fox and other channels refer to Beijing, China.

With only one technical presentation in the morning, followed by the closing session, the conference drew to a close by lunchtime.

After a final shopping expedition, I somehow found myself in Hooters. My server, Sara, enquired as to whether the food was good. My response was obviously not as enthusiastic as expected, so I explained the British don't do enthusiasm. This bizarrely led to a discussion about objectivism, a philosophy developed by Ayn Rand in the 1930s, elaborated in ‘The Fountainhead’. I duly popped around the corner to Borders to purchase said work. An interesting experience - people don't normally go to Hooters for philosophy and literary reviews.

I must have walked hundreds of kilometres before arriving back at the hotel. At 9pm I was back in the downtown area looking for sushi. The two places I had in mind were full and I was getting concerned. I needed my sushi fix. Thankfully I found a place near Horton Plaza and sat at the bar talking to the chefs while consuming a very crisp Asahi beer. Superb.

Fully satisfied, I strolled back to the hotel along the harbour taking in as much of the cool air as possible before flying back to sweaty Muscat tomorrow. I took a quick photo of a street sign which has always amused me......’land of the free’.

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