Friday 24 October 2008

Oman: close encounters of the slithery kind

Mrs M slept off last night’s cocktail as the three of us drove to the local beach where Al and I ran while Lizzi played in the sea in her underwear looking for turtles. We returned home to find her emerging with a slight hangover.

With plenty of time to rest, we went to the Friday lunch buffet for a final culinary blowout at the Intercon’s Musendam restaurant. With Al’s hands wrapped around his bulbous stomach, his last words were ‘bloody hell’.

Some form of exercise was required. At the Shafaq pool, fingers and toes turned to prunes after a brief encounter with a sea snake in the Gulf of Oman. The sun was heading toward the horizon as Mrs M. pulled into the garage drawing the day, and Al and Lizzie’s time in Oman, to a conclusion.

That evening a crisis developed. We were out of Westolls. We bundled into the car to get another bottle and a few snacks. There was something wrong with the bottle as it only lasted about an hour during an aggressive game of Scrabble which Al won with questionably acceptable words such as ‘QC’.


Anonymous said...

Wow - Al and Lizzi sounds like the best work visitors you've ever had - can you confirm this??!!!

Mr. Steve said...

Dear 'anonymous' - I can confirm that Al and Lizzi were the best work visitors we have ever had this year.

Anonymous said...

well, that is not a questionable word... aa is also a word... Im gunna whoop ya ass at scrabble, im a pro now!