Thursday 23 October 2008

Oman: sock tramp spotted at major tourist attraction

Al has also noticed that we both share overwhelming desires for Colette Tatou, the chef in Ratatouille. A fine woman.

At the Grand Mosque, Mrs M had recommended the usual headscarf, long sleeves and covered ankles for Lizzi who improvised with a collection of Al’s cast-offs. This scene frightened several small children.

The souq was next. Despite the efforts of numerous pashmina salesmen, they came away relatively unscathed with just a few postcards. We rested sweaty bodies at the ‘Gulf Fast Food and Juice Centre’ next to the entrance consuming various fruity combinations and super-milky tea.

We stopped at the front of the palace for a photo before lunch at the Blue Marlin in the marina. The detour to the back of the palace after lunch was once again abandoned due to building work in the area.

Following a recommendation by her hairdresser, Lizzi had been looking forward to dining at the Chedi. After a walk around the magnificent grounds, we began early with cocktails at sunset in the Poolside Cabana, before moving to the outside area of ‘The Restaurant’. It was as a quiet as a library – until we arrived.

More cocktails appeared and disappeared. All the selections from the menu were enjoyed except, on this rare occasion, my squid ink risotto which was hugely disappointing. The waiter said he would inform chef. I think more cocktails arrived while I tried to make a double espresso last more than a couple of sips.

The restaurant was almost deserted as our five-and-a-half hour marathon drew to a close as we returned home via the hotel gift shop. A splendid evening thanks to the kindness of our guests.

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